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Here’s what we’ll cover:

I get it. You know what you need to do to get through this issue at work. Or at least you think you do. But you can’t seem to get the outcomes you’re looking for. You procrastinate. Or you can’t get past what other people might think. So you don’t take action. And you find yourself stuck. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? 

During a 90 minute Aiming High Fast Track video call, we’ll work together to deliver you clarity on the next career goal you want to work towards or a single issue you want to tackle. We’ll map out where you are in relation to your goal or issue, where you want to be, the obstacles that might slow you down and the very first steps you’ll need to take. Because the intentional combination of clarity, mindset and action are key to getting ‘unstuck’. 

Know that we can work on any area that will support you to move forward during our time together. Popular Aiming High Velocity Session topics include:

  • Moving through a particular situation with a work colleague that’s making you feel stuck.
  • Exploring what you want your next role to be.
  • Digging into a specific challenge you’re facing so that you can get past it.
  • Making a career choice or decision you’ve been struggling with so you can move on.

During the session, we’ll spend time uncovering the mindset blocks and protective beliefs that are keeping you stuck or that might slow you down from reaching your desired outcomes. I’ll share tools that can completely change how you think about protective behaviours like perfectionism, procrastination, people-pleasing and polling. 

We’ll also identify the experiments or actions you can take. You’ll leave the session with new tools in your toolkit, a clear plan and a fresh perspective, but without any overwhelm. 

And, because coaching is all about supportive accountability, you’ll also receive a bonus 30 minute check-in with me, approximately 4 weeks after your initial session. In our check in, we’ll be able to assess your progress, answer any of your questions and refresh your plan in order to keep you moving forward. 

This fun and interactive option is perfect for you if you’d like to get a taste of coaching or if there’s a specific area of your career you’re feeling particularly unclear on or stuck in. And it intentionally employs my framework of clarity, mindset and action to support you in creating more fulfilment in your work life.

Feeling more confident & content just makes for better living

I always came across as confident, but inside I questioned myself. I felt like a fraud. People had this perception of me and I wasn’t living up to it. I wanted to be that person so bad. I wanted my confidence back. I wanted to take risks again and I wanted to show my children that fear cannot rule your life. But the truth was I had 2 kids under 5, I was doing it tough through a broken marriage. I had lost my dad and I had lost my identity. And I was letting fear control my actions. That’s when I started working with Janelle. What I love about Janelle as a coach is that she could see right through me. She made the scary things simple, she spoke in my language and most of all she believed in me. It was the simplicity of it all. Today, things are less ‘what if’ and more ‘let’s have a go’. I’ve completely changed my career. I find that I am able to navigate my role as a mum, an employee and a friend so much better. I am not overwhelmed by the big things and really just enjoy the moment a lot more. Feeling more confident and content just makes for better living.

Emma Ryan - Victoria

Invest in clarity, mindset and action

If you know this style of coaching is right for you, then don’t waste another moment. Click on the link below to purchase your session,  fill out a questionnaire that will help us make the most of our time together. and before you know it, we’ll be working on a unique strategy, tailored just for you.

Your investment: $497 AUD which includes a bonus 30 minute follow-up chat, because supportive accountability is an important part of the coaching process.

GST is included for Australian residents. 

Stop short-changing yourself

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