About Janelle

What I Do

I’m a coach who supports women to go from ‘fine’ to fulfilled & fabulous

Who’s my coaching for?


  • A nurturing, creative woman who puts everything into your family and your career
  • A self confessed people pleaser
  • A woman who wants to feel positivity, energy and balance in your life while knowing you’re making a difference
  • Wanting feel confident expressing yourself in all aspects of life…from the professional setting, to the playground and even public speaking
  • Telling yourself unhelpful stories like ‘I never say the right things’ or ‘I’m not qualified to do this’
  • Aware that you’ve held yourself back from wanting something bigger & better
  • Wanting a more passionate, creative life 

Why is my coaching unique?

Because I’ve been where you are. And I know what it takes to transform. I combine 30 years of corporate experience with a truck load of coaching training and tertiary education. Then I overlay that with the life skills that come from being a leader, wife, mum and all round creative human. 


I couldn’t have been a coach before now. There are some fabulous coaches out there who got into coaching way earlier than I did. But me? Well, I needed things to marinate before I could support women like I do today. 


It’s taken me years to accumulate the experience and education that I draw upon to help women combine clarity, mindset and the right action steps to take their lives from ‘fine’ to fulfilled & fabulous. 


It’s also taken an ongoing commitment to developing myself. On top of a Commerce Degree that supported my corporate career for over three decades, I’ve also:


  • Qualified as a Style Coach with the Style Coaching Institute (2017)
  • Trained as a Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (2018)
  • Achieved certification as an NLP practitioner and Life Coach through Yes Supply (2021) 

And thanks to all of that, I have the skills to support my clients in achieving amazing results.



My clients have:

  • Transferred from soul-sucking jobs – or been promoted – to more fulfilling, higher paying roles
  • Determined what they really wanted from their careers and begun re-training for their dream job
  • Increased their vitality while hitting their health & weight goals
  • Gone from being unable to speak in meetings to speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people
  • Started creative hobbies and new volunteer activities
  • Created incredible change in their lives – that they are now role modelling for their daughters and others around them

So, apart from all that, why am I so passionate about coaching women like you?

During my time in corporate, I’ve led massive teams and delivered transformational projects. I’ve presented at tons of events. And I now know that I have what it takes to achieve success in whatever role my heart desires. And in my personal life, I’ve raised a son (who’s now a successful engineer and a homeowner – seriously, when did that occur??). I’ve travelled internationally every year for over a decade. I learned to speak French. And I unleashed my creativity via Distant Francophile.

But, I have to tell you – it wasn’t always this way.

It’s not that many years ago that I was telling myself stories that kept me invisible in my career. Stories that had me stopping myself from seeking promotions and from uttering a word in meetings. And that had me running a mile if anyone suggested that I should chair a video conference. There was no way I’d entertain public speaking. I hated photos of myself and would squirm if I saw a camera heading in my direction. I had no hobbies or creative outlets. If you were to sum up my life in one sentence, you could have said that I was mum, with a job, who liked to travel occasionally.

I knew that I was meant for more. And that I wasn’t living out my full potential. I was certain that my life – including my career – could be so much more than it was at the time. I had to find the confidence to live my life my way. It was time to stop playing small with my life. 

Knowing this set me on a path of deep exploration. I started devouring everything I could on confidence and how you can build it. That led me to working with some amazing coaches. These women helped me to understand the stories and behaviours that were holding me back. Soon every aspect of my life exploded in such an unbelievable way – and the opportunities just kept coming my way.

Around that same time I started to notice something. Other women were doing exactly what I’d done in the past. So many of them were stuck right where I was before I’d worked out how to build my confidence and manage my mindset. And they seemed so lost and so frustrated. But their suffering sparked me into action.

I started my own coaching journey. I knew that by up-skilling myself (I now have two coaching qualifications), I’d be able to help women discover their own version of success.

And today I’m passionate about supporting nurturing, creative women – who also happen to work in corporate – to take their lives from ‘fine’ to fulfilled and fabulous using my signature one-on-one coaching framework.

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