A Laser-focused 45 minute consultation session for your next career breakthrough.

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For women like you who want to feel clear and confident TO TACKLE THEIR NEXT career challenge – with zero overwhelm.


No more sleepless nights stewing over your career problems - use this 45 minute session to get clarity on your biggest career issue + move forward.

Is one of these career challenges keeping you up at night?
        • An inability to make a career choice or decision you’ve been struggling with – maybe you’re unclear on your next role within your company, whether it’s time to jump ship or even WHAT you want to do next?
        • Feeling lost when it comes to setting a new strategy for your team. As the leader it’s on YOU, but knowing the best decision to make has you stressed.
        • A lack of boundaries is causing you to teeter on the edge of burnout. Team, clients and stakeholders ALL want everything from you all at once, and you have no idea how you can continue on like this.
        • Avoiding a difficult conversation with a team member that you know needs to be addressed.
        • Getting the impression that maybe you’ve been pigeon-holed in your role and you wonder – is this really what you want to be doing with your professional life?

    These challenges, and so many more like them, have been shared by both my corporate colleagues and my coaching clients – with every single one of those fabulous humans feeling stuck around their next move forward. And after years of having this discussion with across all industries, I know for sure that sometimes, sorting out challenges like these can feel next level hard.

    What’s more, with 30+ years experience as a Director at a leading banking corporation managing hundreds of humans and multi-million dollar programs, I know the hardships associated with navigating our careers as women, and the strategies, tools and mindset shifts to move through them so you can deeply enjoy your work.



      • We’ll work together to deliver you clarity on navigating your career challenge.
      • We’ll explore where you are now and map out where you want to be in terms of your current challenge.
      • We’ll uncover the obstacles that are sure to slow you down.
      • And we’ll get clarity on the experiments, actions and next steps you’ll need to take. 





    You face your challenge. You’re sure about your next step. You take it with confidence. You feel unlimited and ready to fly – when it comes to your career, the sky isn’t even the limit for you.


    You live with that sinking feeling that you’re stuck in your career. You feel that prickliness that comes when you know you need to take action but you can’t even sort out the first step. And even though you have the skills to work through this challenge, you don’t want any of the stress or overwhelm that comes with sorting the solution out for yourself.



    Work in corporate and build a coaching practice

    My clients have:

    • Transferred from soul-sucking jobs – or been promoted – to more fulfilling, higher paying roles.
    • Stepped into next level leadership roles – after avoiding leadership for years
    • Determined what they really wanted from their careers and begun re-training for their dream job.
    • Built confidence that completely blows them away – as one client said “I feel like I can do anything now!’
    • Created incredible change in their lives – that they’re now role modelling for their daughters and others around them.

      These results are available for you too!

    Feeling more confident just makes for better living

    I always came across as confident, but inside I questioned myself. I felt like a fraud. People had this perception of me and I wasn’t living up to it. I wanted to be that person so bad. I wanted my confidence back. I wanted to take risks again and I wanted to show my children that fear cannot rule your life.

    But the truth was I had 2 kids under 5, I was doing it tough through a broken marriage. I had lost my dad and I had lost my identity. And I was letting fear control my actions. That’s when I started working with Janelle. What I love about Janelle as a coach is that she could see right through me. She made the scary things simple, she spoke in my language and most of all she believed in me. It was the simplicity of it all.

    Today, things are less ‘what if’ and more ‘let’s have a go’. I’ve completely changed my career. I find that I am able to navigate my role as a mum, an employee and a friend so much better. I am not overwhelmed by the big things and really just enjoy the moment a lot more. Feeling more confident and content just makes for better living.

    Emma R - Victoria, Australia

    Let’s get you out of this rut and and back in control!

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    This 45 minute interactive option is perfect for you if there’s a specific area of your career you’re feeling particularly unclear on or stuck in. And it intentionally employs my framework of clarity, mindset and action to support you in creating more fulfilment in your work life.

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