It’s time. You deserve more than a life that’s ‘fine’. You deserve true fulfilment and days that feel fabulous. You deserve a self-styled life. 

Let’s face it, so many of us kid ourselves into thinking things are as they ‘should’ be. We tell ourselves that we ‘should’ be grateful for having a partner, kids, pets, a nice home and a good job. “Everything’s fine, I shouldn’t complain”. These are the words I hear coming out of my client’s mouths. Over. And over. And over. Again.


However, those words are always flavoured with a tinge of….something. Sometimes that thing is hope. More often though, it’s a sense of resignation. I know the women who are uttering these words aren’t actually ok with fine. Deep down, they know they’re meant for a life that’s beyond mediocre. They want to live a fabulous life, on their terms.


But….heck, these women are so busy putting their work, partners and kids first they haven’t even got time to walk to the corner, let alone train for a marathon. If you’ve not had a romantic weekend in forever, the idea of walking hand-in-hand with your lover by a Venetian canal seems like fairy tale. As for work goals, surely not offending anyone or coming across as bossy or bitchy counts as aspirational these days? And let’s not even talk about picking up anything creative….who’s gonna write a book when they’re flat out writing a grocery list?  


So, women like you and I, filled with potential, live with ‘fine’. And they put fabulous on the back burner. Those big dreams and goals they had when they were a girl? They can be picked up later – can’t they? 


Well, maybe. As long as nothing goes wrong in the meantime. But have you ever wondered what life might look like if you started employing tips and strategies that moved you towards fabulous today? Like right now?  


It’s time. You deserve more than fine. You deserve clarity as well as the mindset and execution tools to get you to where you want to go. You deserve the fulfilled, fabulous and self-styled life you’ve always wanted. And I’d love to support you to get it. 


My signature coaching framework supports nurturing and professional women to transform their careers, confidence and creativity. Why? Because no-one wants to go through life thinking things are fine – when they could in fact be feeling fabulous and truly fulfilled.


What to expect when you decide to aim high and create your self-styled life with me: 

  • Clarity on what you want from your life right now – and for the future
  • A deep understanding of how self-doubt protects you from risk and holds you back from achieving your dreams
  • Activities that increase confidence so you can chase those dreams
  • Strategies that can release you from people-pleasing, perfectionism, and the other protective behaviours your self-doubt employs
  • New ways of thinking about creativity and fun
  • A set of tools to help you stay on your fabulous life track
  • And life changing results

My clients have:

  • Transferred from soul-sucking jobs – or been promoted – to more fulfilling, higher paying roles
  • Started successful businesses that are now supporting their families financially
  • Got themselves back in the dating game after years of sitting on the sidelines
  • Determined what they really wanted from their careers and begun re-training for their dream job
  • Increased their vitality and improved their overall wellbeing
  • Gone from being unable to speak in meetings to speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people
  • Started creative hobbies and new volunteer activities
  • Created incredible change in their lives – that they’re now role modelling for their daughters and others around them 
  • Healed the underlying causes of their self-doubt
  • Grown their self-belief, self-acceptance, self-worth and self-trust
  • Tapped into their strengths and are ultimately living in a way that’s fulfilling, meaningful and feels true for them


Find CLARITY, GET UNSTUCK AND Identify YOUR very FIRST Action step…IN JUST 90 minutes




it’s time To aim high

Velocity Session

Here’s what we’ll cover:

I get it. You know what you want from life. Or at least you think you do. But you can’t seem to get the outcomes you’re looking for. You procrastinate. Or you can’t get past what other people might think. So you don’t take action. And you find yourself stuck. But what if it didn’t have to be this way? 

During a 90 minute Aiming High Velocity Session video call, we’ll work together to deliver you clarity on the next life goal you want to work towards or a single issue you want to tackle. We’ll map out where you are in relation to your goal or issue, where you want to be, the obstacles that might slow you down and the very first steps you’ll need to take. Because the intentional combination of clarity, mindset and action are key to getting ‘unstuck’. 

Know that we can work on any area that will support you to move forward during our time together. Popular Aiming High Velocity Session topics include:

  • Brainstorming an idea you’ve come up with to allow you to take it forward. 
  • Moving through a particular situation that’s making you feel stuck. 
  • Exploring what you want next in a specific area of your life.
  • Digging into a specific challenge you’re facing so that you can get past it.
  • Making a choice or decision you’ve been struggling with so you can move on.

During the session, we’ll spend time uncovering the mindset blocks and protective beliefs that are keeping you stuck or that might slow you down from reaching your desired outcomes. I’ll share tools that can completely change how you think about protective behaviours like perfectionism, procrastination, people-pleasing and polling.

We’ll also identify the experiments or actions you can take. You’ll leave the session with new tools in your toolkit, a clear plan and a fresh perspective, but without any overwhelm.

And, because coaching is all about supportive accountability, you’ll also receive a bonus 30 minute check-in with me, approximately 4 weeks after your initial session. In our check in, we’ll be able to assess your progress, answer any of your questions and refresh your plan in order to keep you moving forward.

This fun and interactive option is perfect for you if you’d like to get a taste of coaching or if there’s a specific area of your life you’re feeling particularly unclear on or stuck in. And it intentionally employs my framework of clarity, mindset and action to support you in creating more fulfilment in your life.


Important lessons

Invest in clarity, mindset and action


If you know this style of coaching is right for you, fill in the contact form letting me know that you’d like to book a Velocity session and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours to lock in a time for our session. Or simply shoot me an email at – whatever’s easiest for you.

Your investment: $427 AUD which includes a bonus 30 minute follow-up chat, because supportive accountability is an important part of the coaching process.

Payment plans are available. GST is included for Australian residents.


My signature 1-on-1 coaching program designed to support you to transform your life



From ‘Fine’ to fulfilled & fabulous  

Who is this coaching program for? It’s for you, if you…

  • Secretly wish for a fabulous life, yet ‘I’m fine thanks’ are always the first words out of your mouth
  • Know that you’re a lifelong people pleaser
  • Are a warm and creative woman who wants to feel more confident at work and in your personal life
  • Want to feel like you’re making a difference while balancing work and family
  • Feel like it’s time to bring more pleasure and positivity into your life
  • Have ever held yourself back from taking a promotion or following your passions with thoughts like ‘I’m too old’ or ‘my family needs me’
  • Find yourself continually discounting your experience – life, career or otherwise
  • Always find yourself saying ‘yes’ even when your heart screams no
  • Waste so much energy worrying about that ‘silly’ thing you said in a meeting or at a dinner party
  • Don’t feel like your true self at work, the school gate or Christmas lunch
  • Never want to start anything, just in case you can’t deliver it perfectly
  • Are afraid you’ve forgotten how to have fun
  • Want to be a role model for the special people in your world 
  • Are committed to creating real change in your life
  • Know that you’re ready to make a true investment in your future 

The ripple effect…

I didn’t think I wanted a coach – I didn’t think it was for me. But from our very first catch up, I realised that firstly that it’s not just about my work, it’s about my life. And secondly that I actually enjoy my work and thrive on it more than I realise. Most importantly though, I realised I have been unknowingly been telling myself so many nasty stories, most of which I would never tell anyone, not  even a worst enemy. Your coaching is not only changing my life, it’s changing the people around me, from my colleagues to my family. And I’m already starting to teach my daughters the lessons I’m learning. 

Paula - South Australia

it’s time To build your self-styled life

Go from ‘fine’ to fulfilled & fabulous

Here's what we’ll cover

Over 12 one hour video sessions, we’ll dive deep into the areas that can help you go from fine to fulfilled & fabulous. Because every woman is unique, I tailor our one-on-one sessions to suit each individual client. But years of experience tells me that when a woman combines clarity with the right mindset and action oriented strategies, she can start transforming her life – almost immediately. Because clarity, mindset and action form the framework of a fulfilled & fabulous life. No matter what that looks like for you. When you bring them together in a deliberate way, they can take you from where you are now (which is probably ‘fine’) to the fabulous, fulfilled life you know you’re meant for. So during our time together we’ll explore the following:


In our early coaching sessions, we’ll get to know each other and get clear on your intentions for the coaching series. 

We’ll also take a deep dive into the concept of purpose and exactly what you want from your life. Yes, we’ll go straight there. Because once you’ve created clarity around what you want, it’s easier to develop the self-belief you need to chase down your heart’s desires. So many women struggle to even know what the want from life. But that’s because purpose is always sold as something massive – a goal that has to be life changing for you and for others. But I promise, it’s ok to have a ‘micro-purpose’. Or to pursue an outcome for a specific season in your life. Or segment of your life. Yes, these things are definitely ok, because you have permission to have goals and aims as individual as you are.


We’ll explore the most empowering and supportive mindsets to help take your life from ‘fine’ to fabulous. We’ll also look at self-belief and self-doubt. And I’ll share tools that will help you identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. It’s time to start building your self-belief so you can show up in your life in more powerful ways. Self-belief and self-trust underpin how we feel day-to-day, and when we feel confident, we can take on the world. We’ll spend time baselining your current confidence levels. We’ll dig into the stories you’re telling yourself, start sorting the facts from the fiction, and look at the things you can do immediately to start building your self-assurance by getting to know your inner protector. Together we’ll look at  the concept of giving yourself permission – whether that’s permission to take your next big leap, create some fun in your life, or to simply make space for yourself. And we’ll acknowledge that while confidence always comes in baby-steps – the more you practice the skills that build self-belief and confidence, the faster you’ll move from where you are to where you want to be.


During these sessions, we’ll delve into the actions required to create your version of a fulfilled and fabulous life. We’ll also dive into self protective actions that can hold you back. Behaviours like letting other people’s opinions and your people pleasing tendencies stop you from taking your first – or next – step. We’ll take a look at procrastination and it’s good friend perfectionism and we’ll dig into the damaging impact inaction has on your confidence. And we’ll look at what happens when take too much action. Because burnout has rarely been a hallmark of any sort of fabulousness. Rather, it tends to be the reason that women find themselves in the middle of a marriage breakdown or a health crisis. And it’s driven many women to step away from careers, hobbies or volunteer activities they love. If you want long lived success on your terms, you need to learn to create boundaries and develop the ability to switch off. Yes, there’s a lot in here, but understanding which action to take and when is so important for building your fulfilled and fabulous life.

Make a life changing investment in yourself


You are unique. And you want to work with a coach who understands that fact. Which is exactly why I tailor Fulfilled & Fabulous to your suit your needs. For example, you get the choice between weekly or fortnightly sessions when you work with me. And we prioritise the sessions to work on what matters to you most.

Sign up for the full 12 session program and make the commitment to creating your fulfilling and fabulous life. If you’re ready for transformation, then this is the choice for you. 


Your investment: $2,497 AUD 

Payment plans are available for Fulfilled & Fabulous. GST is included for Australian residents.

Need to know more? I totally get it. Maybe self-doubt has you asking if coaching is right for you. Or if you’re right for coaching (believe me, it is and you are). Perhaps it’s been a long time since you invested in your growth, career or life. You have to trust that this is the right approach – and that I’m the right coach – for you. Which is why I’m happy to have a good chat with all my future clients about their needs and hopes, as well as my coaching approach before they sign up with me. During our call we can also discuss tailoring the coaching to suit you best – like I said, I know your circumstances will be as unique as you are. To book in your free call, simply fill in the form below – I can’t wait to speak with you xx


Book a free 30 minute discovery call to explore which coaching program is right for you.

I’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have about the coaching process.

Or simply reach out via email at and we’ll set up a time to chat.


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