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3 months of 1:1 coaching For women who want it all and who are ready to take their career to the next level

Career Confidence

Guiding women who know they’re meant for more to get certain on their career strategy and build their confidence as a leader so they can feel energised and in control of their career – and their life.




Are you ready to STEP OUT OF SELF-DOUBT


If you’re here, then you’re a woman who knows you’re destined for more in your career. You crave a career that ignites your passion, fuels your energy, and leaves you feeling in control – not just of your work, but of your entire life.

But right now, self-doubt might be holding you back. Maybe you’re unsure of your next step, or lack the confidence to speak up for what you deserve. Perhaps you dream of a promotion, a raise, or leading that high-impact project, but the path seems unclear.


It’s time to start thriving

Are you ready to:


  • Feel crystal clear on your professional goals and the exact steps to achieve them?
  • Command respect in the workplace and speak up with authentic power?
  • Navigate difficult stakeholders with grace and get the results you deserve?
  • Receive the promotion or pay rise you’ve been working towards?
  • Feel energised and empowered in your career – and in your life?




Complete career clarity, where you feel like you have a vision and A PLAN, and you know where you are going (at least 90% of the time!)


A clear roadmap outlining your next steps, and the tools and strategies to help you take those steps.


Deep confidence in your abilities. You know you’re on the right track and that there’s no leadership challenge you can’t handle.


A career that allows you to make the impact – and income – you so deeply desire, without sacrificing your kids, hubby, friends or hobbies.


Boundless energy and excitement about your career and heights you can you reach.


A career where you’re well resourced and supported, by someone who has walked the path before and who’s ready to walk beside you.





This coaching series is for you if you’re:
    • Wanting to experience a true career transformation, but without the trial and error
    • Motivated to make a big impact – with an income to match
    • Desiring clarity about the direction of your career – you want a plan that is more than just ‘apply for the job’
    • Feeling curious about what your next leadership level looks like
    • Recognising you’ve been holding yourself back from taking risks as well as using protective behaviours like people-pleasing, procrastination and perfectionism
    • Sick of feeling stuck and stagnant in your career
    • Ready to feel energised and excited about the work you do in the world
    • Keen to balance work and family because you want a life as well as that big job of yours
    • Craving accountability, not just advice
    • Aspiring to be a role model for the special people in your world

    What you’ll receive when you join me in Career Confidence:

        • 6 x 60 Minute In-Depth Coaching Sessions
          1:1 Zoom Coaching Sessions over 3 months
        • My Proven Framework  Combining clarity, mindset work and action, we’ll create your personalised courage based roadmap to support you in achieving your goals and getting from where you are to where you want to be
        • Tools & Resources
          A deep understanding of protective behaviours like people-pleasing, perfectionism and procrastination and the tools to help you overcome these behaviours
        • High Impact Activities
          That increase your leadership confidence so you can chase your big goals in a way that feels authentic and true to you
        • Script Suite
          A suite of ‘done for you’ scripts tailored to your specific situations. You’ll never have to wonder about how start a discussion again
        • Conflict Comfort Toolkit
          New ways of thinking about conflict, visibility and difficult conversations, and tools to help you navigate any situation
        • Unlimited text support
          You have access to me via text message between coaching calls so you  can stay supported, resourced & on track.

      Book a free call to explore if

      career confidence is right for you

      I’ll also be able to answer any questions you might have about the coaching process & we can work towards tailoring a series that’s unique to you


      It’s very useful to have a coach believe in you

      I decided to invest in a coach at a time when I was feeling very stuck in my career. Opportunities weren’t coming my way – despite the fact that I was continually being told I was excelling in my work.

      From the introductory session, Janelle and I hit it off like a house on fire. It felt almost instantaneous getting comfortable with Janelle. This is testament to Janelle’s calm, humble and down-to-earth demeanour, that puts anyone at ease quickly.

      Coaching helped me become aware of how my self-confidence and my belief in my value and capabilities as a professional had been adversely impacted by a series of difficult workplace situations. It’s very useful to have a coach believe in you, and to rely on their belief in you as you begin to rebuild your confidence and belief in yourself.

      Step by step, as I started to communicate and engage with various individuals to manage those situations, I felt like I was a different person, with renewed energy, confidence and belief. I felt a new sense of justice and non-tolerance of unacceptable behaviours and attitudes, and a boldness to stand up and advocate for myself.

      In January 2023, after almost 17 years with my former employer, I accepted a role in an ASX 20 company, with a 30% pay increase and a 10% bonus.

      Today I’m able to recognise and identify patterns of thinking or behaviour when I am going through them. I am referring back to the guidance Janelle has provided and applying it again. I also recognise new hurdles and seek guidance from Janelle as I go through them.

      JKT, Victoria

      Get clear & confident

      It’s time to take your career & life to the next level



      • Crystal clear on your career vision and the steps to achieve it.
      • Confidently navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.
      • Speaking up authentically and commanding attention.
      • Managing your career with power and purpose.
      • Feeling energised, empowered, and in control of your professional (and personal) life!


      Work in corporate and build a coaching practice

      My clients have:

      • Transferred from soul-sucking jobs – or been promoted – to more fulfilling, higher paying roles.
      • Stepped into next level leadership roles – after avoiding leadership for years
      • Determined what they really wanted from their careers and begun re-training for their dream job.
      • Gone from being unable to speak in meetings to speaking on stages in front of hundreds of people. Built confidence that completely blows them away – as one client said “I feel like I can do anything now!’
      • Created incredible change in their lives – that they’re now role modelling for their daughters and others around them.

      I felt like I was failing...

      I believed that I was misunderstood & not respected by my peers and constantly trying to prove myself but frightened of how I would be perceived. I was so frustrated with myself as I was fully aware of these patterns and behaviours but didn’t know how to change.

      I am happier and content in the workplace and less anxious than I was before. I am making progress with my self-confidence and really starting to believe in myself and my abilities. I am able to pull myself up when old behaviours start creeping in, as I can recognise them now and understand that although protective, they aren’t helpful. Janelle has provided me with very effective tools that I apply to everyday work and life tasks. Personalised tools that Janelle knew would work for me. I can’t thank her enough for the positive impact she’s had on my career and personal life thus far and so excited for future growth and development by continuing to work with Janelle.

      Amy, Victoria, Australia

      This is more than just coaching – THis is transformation

      Are you ready to:

      • Step into your power and become the leader you were meant to be?
      • Design a career that fuels your passion and ignites your energy?
      • Feel confident, unstoppable, and in control of your future?

      Sign up to Career Confidence for three months and make the commitment to transforming your career. 

      Click the button below to schedule your FREE discovery call and let’s chat about how I can help you achieve your extraordinary goals!


      $1,997 AUD


      Payment plans are available for Career Confidence. GST is included for Australian residents.


      Book your call today

      Investing in yourself by engaging a coach or mentor is a big move – and it’s not one you should take lightly. You have to be sure that this is the right approach – and that I’m the right human – for you.

      Which is why I have a chat with all my future 1:1 clients about their needs and hopes, as well as my approach before they sign up to work with me. During our call we’ll also discuss tailoring your series so that you can get the most out of your investment. I know your circumstances will be as unique as you are and the sooner you can start working with tools that suit you best, the sooner you’ll build the career your heart desires.

      It might feel daunting to reach out for a call like this. But I promise it’s so, so worth it – and it might be the key to unleashing the potential inside you and up level of your dreams.

      To book your free call, simply click on the button below – I can’t wait to speak with you xx

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