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Refine your success. Unlock your potential. Empower Your Next Chapter.




Are you a high-performing woman who has achieved remarkable things in your career?

You’ve climbed the ladder, navigated challenges, and built an impressive resume. Yet, a whisper within you hints at something more. Perhaps you yearn for a deeper sense of fulfilment, a creative spark, or a smoother transition into the next phase of your life.

This exclusive 6-session mentoring series is designed for exceptional women like you. It’s not about fixing what’s broken, but about refining your success and unlocking your full potential.

Here’s what sets this program apart:



      • Personalised Focus: This isn’t a generic course. You’ll receive one-on-one guidance from a seasoned mentor who understands the unique challenges and aspirations of high-achieving women.
      • Tailored Approach: Whether you seek to ignite your creativity, navigate a career pivot, or harmonise work-life balance, we’ll create a personalised roadmap to achieve your goals.
      • Confidentiality and Trust: This is your safe space. Discuss anything from family dynamics to difficult workplace situations with complete confidentiality and unwavering support.
      • Actionable Tools: You won’t just receive advice; you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies to implement immediate change and lasting progress.

    High achievers, high aspirations: Confidential mentoring for women who lead.


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    I was craving a change

    As a late career senior executive I felt as though I had reached the end of the line professionally. I was telling myself a lot of stories about my work and was consumed by the more negative aspects of it. I was craving a change but didn’t know what change looked like, or whether I even had the courage to make changes to my career.  It was very easy to just keep “doing the doing” even though I wasn’t happy.

    Janelle was able to do two quite different, but related things – she created a space where my mind could “breathe” and she also held a mirror up to my career so I could see things more clearly.  She challenged my assumptions in a gentle and supportive way. Almost every session I found I was seeing more possibilities – and when I started seeing possibilities, I started finding them all around me……

    I’m still in my role, but now I’ve got a career plan I’m excited about, and am starting to execute it.  I know what I want to do more of and what I want to do less of.  I think the next two years could, just maybe, be the most exciting of my career

    Jo K - Sydney, Australia

    High achievers, high aspirations: Confidential mentoring for women who lead.


          • You crave greater fulfilment beyond professional achievements.
          • You’re considering a career transition or retirement and want a clear path forward.
          • You seek to reignite your creativity and bring more passion into your life.
          • You desire a confidential space to navigate personal or professional complexities.


            Work in corporate and build a coaching practice



            • Gain clarity on your aspirations and unique path to success.
            • Develop a strategic roadmap to achieve your goals.
            • Acquire powerful tools for overcoming challenges and fostering growth.
            • Cultivate a sense of empowerment and confidence in all areas of your life.


            I engaged Janelle’s coaching services as I was preparing to go back to the Corporate world after a year-long break prompted by my first ever lay-off. I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and fragile and was looking for someone who could support me and help me gain clarity on my next professional move.

            I was hoping to find a coach I could relate to and feel comfortable sharing my feelings and thoughts with and was very pleased to find Janelle,  a smart, accomplished, corporate leader who could seamlessly “speak my language” and provided me with very impactful, relatable, thought-provoking discussions and practical tools.

            Each one-hour session I had with Janelle was revelatory and exposed aspects of my belief system that were clearly holding me back, along with techniques to overcome those.  I was shocked, and humbled, to learn how much self-doubt I was carrying with me and how much protection I had built around me to project myself from rejection and judgement – Janelle was quick to uncover these and help me let them go.

            It is hard to adequately express the amount of weight this has lifted off my shoulders and heart.

            During my sessions with Janelle I was also able to go deeper into my passions, allow myself to explore areas that excite me tremendously and establish my anchoring criteria for my ideal corporate job.

            Overall, my sessions with Janelle have provided me with all I was looking for and much more – and I know that the amount of clarity, confidence and excitement I feel at this juncture is in large part due to these conversations with Janelle.

            Blanca Guzmán Rodriguez - Netherlands

            Invest in yourself and design the next extraordinary chapter of your journey.

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            $2,700 AUD (approx $1,800 USD)


            Payment plans are available for Career Confidence. GST is included for Australian residents.


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            Investing in yourself by engaging a coach or mentor is a big move – and it’s not one you should take lightly. You have to be sure that this is the right approach – and that I’m the right human – for you.

            Which is why I have a chat with all my future 1:1 clients about their needs and hopes, as well as my approach before they sign up to work with me. During our call we’ll also discuss tailoring your series so that you can get the most out of your investment. I know your circumstances will be as unique as you are and the sooner you can start working with tools that suit you best, the sooner you’ll build the career your heart desires.

            It might feel daunting to reach out for a call like this. But you’ve done harder things and I promise it’s so, so worth it – and it might be the key to unleashing the potential inside you and up level of your dreams.

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