Have you ever felt you are destined for bigger things but you hold yourself back?


Don’t let confidence and visibility issues stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


Step into the role – and life – you were meant for today!


I’m Janelle, a confidence and style coach with almost 30 years experience in a corporate environment.

And I truly believe that every woman is meant for more than mediocrity.

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Do you need to bring more life into your life?

Career women everywhere – whether they happen to be partnered, single, with children or without, working full-time or flexi-hours – can find themselves in a space where they are completely consumed by their day job.

And when it gets to this point, it can be hard to see a way out. But there are some things you can do to help put more life into your life. Here are my top three tips.

The many benefits of saying yes

While we don’t always default to it, there are so many benefits of saying yes. In this post, I thought I’d my perspective on three of them. And at the same time, hopefully inspire you to think about where you might be able say yes more often in your own life.

Tips for getting comfortable with visibility and technology

How do you feel about visibility and technology? Chances are if you are reading this you probably don’t like seeing yourself in photos or on video. And if so, you are not alone. A great many women – and men for that matter – squirm over the idea of allowing themselves to be visible in the technology space. But it doesn’t have to be like this – you can learn to become more comfortable.

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