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It’s time. You deserve more than a life that’s ‘fine’. You deserve true fulfilment and days that feel fabulous.

Hi there!


I feel like we know each other already. You’re a caring, nurturing soul who wants to serve and loves keeping everyone happy. And you’ve got everything you were supposed to want. You have the partner and the family and the ‘good’ career. You’re happy to let these things take up all your headspace. And every now and then your home looks like it could be on the pages of House & Garden. 

Yep. Everything is just ‘fine’. 

Here’s the funny thing about ‘fine’ though. It’s great right up until it isn’t. Women rarely stay in the world of fine forever. You see, fine is often the doorway to chronic health issues, failed careers, families falling apart and confidence levels waning to the point where women won’t put themselves out there, regardless of where there is. 

The truth is, deep down you know you’re meant for more than ‘fine’. You want a life you’re proud of. Where you are modelling how great life can be to everyone around you – whether that’s your friends, family, team or kids. And your days are filled with purpose – both at work and at home. A life that’s full of romance and your family is thriving. Where you never feel like you can’t find the right words, regardless of the context. And your calendar is packed with creative activities that light you up and bring you joy.

Let’s face it – you want a fabulous life. A fulfilled life.

And, you’ve come to the right place.

Because it’s time. You deserve more than fine. You deserve to feel fabulous & fulfilled.


I’m Janelle

I’m a certified life, confidence and style coach with over 30 years (and counting) experience in a corporate environment. 

I developed my signature coaching framework after watching so many women in the corporate world either burn out or walk out. And every time, I’d be blown away by the potential these women left on the table. Over time, I noticed that similar things were happening to women who didn’t work in corporate. Yep – I realised that women anywhere could wake up one day and feel completely lost.

 These experiences left me determined to share the strategies that help women get clear on what they want, side-step their self-doubt and take real action. Why? So that they can lead balanced, fulfilled and fabulous lives full of positivity and energy.


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A new level of confidence…

Coaching with Janelle has completely changed my life.  Before I started coaching, I was stuck in an unfulfilling job and only had time for work and running my household.  I wasn’t enjoying much in my life.

During each session, I learnt more about myself and the stories and beliefs that were holding me back.  I developed a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like.  Janelle made it easy from the first session and supported me throughout my journey in her genuine and caring way.  

Working with Janelle has made me a much better version of myself.  I am now intentional about my career, my relationships, and what I want out of life. I find making decisions easier and have a new level of confidence that I didn’t think was possible.  I’m looking forward to my future! 

Emma Stewart, Victoria

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If you don’t feel fabulous, you have deviated from the path of who-you-really-are.

Wayne W. Dyer


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