Have you ever felt you are destined for bigger things but you hold yourself back?


Don’t let confidence and visibility issues stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


Step into the role – and life – you were meant for today!


I’m Janelle, a confidence and style coach with almost 30 years experience in a corporate environment.

And I truly believe that every woman is meant for more than mediocrity.

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What’s stopping you from taking your next career step?

There are so many women out there with stacks to offer. And the fact that they put limits on themselves is disappointing – to say the least. So I’m digging into three common reasons women share for not making their next career step and offering up some home truths to counter this thinking.

Style Strategies For Bad Days (Or Weeks)

Keeping things chic and stylish can be challenge for some of us at the best of times, let alone when things simply aren’t going to plan. For days and weeks like these we need help in the form of plans and tips so we can look our best even if aren’t quite feeling that way.

Want growth? Then get ready to feel uncomfortable

I see so many women holding themselves back because they want to avoid the discomfort of that comes with the incompetence of trying something new. We start out life willing (and having) to learn everything, and yet as adults, many of us tend avoid those uncomfortable feelings at all costs.

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