Hello – Welcome.

I’m Janelle and I understand why you’re here.

You feel like you should be further advanced in your career – and deep down, you’d love to take the next step.

You know you are destined for bigger things but you find so many ways to hold yourself back.

You have powerful insights and knowledge but you can’t find a way to voice any of your thoughts.


And I’ll bet that some of these reasons for not taking the next step in your career resonate with you:

  • I’m not qualified – I need more courses. And the qualifications I do have aren’t the ‘right’ ones.
  • I don’t have enough experience.
  • I am a mum and I need to have time for my family. I can’t possibly take on a bigger role.
  • I want a job and a life.
  • I can’t remember the last time I did anything fun.
  • I’m not like the men (or the women grounded in their masculine energy) who make life changing career moves.
  • I don’t say the right things and I can’t think quick enough.
  • I don’t present well enough – or look good enough – to speak in public (and I’m certainly not turning on my video while I’m on a webinar).
  • I’m too old for a new role.
  • I’m just not good enough.


I’m a confidence and style coach with almost 30 years experience in a corporate environment. And I truly believe that every woman is meant for more than mediocrity. 

I coach female middle managers who want to take the next step in their corporate career by helping them become more confident and visible.

These women know they are destined for bigger things but hold themselves back.

So why am I so passionate about coaching people like you?

During my time in the corporate world, I’ve led massive teams and delivered huge, transformational projects. I’ve presented at tons of events. And I now know that I have what it takes to achieve success in whatever role my heart desires.

But, I have to tell you – it wasn’t always this way.

It’s not that many years ago that I was telling myself stories that kept me small and invisible. Stories that had me stopping myself from seeking promotions, not uttering a word in meetings, and running a mile if anyone suggested that I should chair a video conference, let alone present in public!

I knew that I had extra to offer. And that my career – and my life – could be so much more than it was at the time.

This knowledge set me on a path of deep exploration. I started devouring everything I could on confidence and how you can build it. That led me to working with some amazing coaches who helped me to understand the stories that were holding me back. Soon my career exploded in such an amazing way – and the opportunities just kept coming my way.

Around that same time I started to notice something. Other women were doing exactly what I used to do. So many of them were stuck right where I was before I’d worked out how to build my confidence. And they seemed so lost and so frustrated. But their suffering sparked me into action.

I started my own coaching journey, certain that by up-skilling myself (I undertook not one, but two coaching qualifications), I’d be in a position to help women discover their own version of career confidence and success.

Today I’m super passionate about supporting female middle managers who want to take the next step in their corporate career by helping them become more confident and visible. 

My coaching is unique, combining my corporate experience, years of training and tertiary education and the life skills that come from being an writer, speaker, wife and mum. 

I’ve seen women sabotage themselves time and time again and I’ve worked out the strategies that help them overcome their self limiting beliefs and behaviours so that they can step into the fulfilling roles they know they are meant for.


And I’d love to support you too.

You can contact me at janelle@janellewehsack.com and we can connect on Facebook or Instagram.

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