If you’re ready to expand, evolve and elevate your leadership skills, in a safe & supportive environment, then this is the leadership program for you.


The small group coaching program for professional women who are ready to uplevel their leadership skills so that they can silence their self-doubt, confidently take on workplace challenges, and be the leader they know they can be.


Does this sound Familiar? 


      • You’re stepping towards your next leadership role. But, deep down; you’re not sure you’ve got the confidence to lead at this next level.
      • Bringing out the best in your team is deeply important to you, however you’re not entirely clear on how to go about that.
      • The thought of having to navigate greater levels of conflict, makes you want to run for the hills. And you find it difficult to give your team feedback, because there’s a chance they might take it badly.
      • You want to be a perfect leader but you’re not even sure what perfect looks like. It’s not like you’ve ever had a perfect leader.
      • Having a team hasn’t lessened your workload – in fact, it’s probably made things worse. You feel like you have to protect your team members and be responsible for every outcome. Besides, you can’t have your team thinking you’re lazy. Especially when you’re paid more than they are.
      • You’re tired of working evenings and weekends to get all the work done. And you know that your partner & kids hate it when you’re continually working.
      • The truth is, you’d really like things at work to feel easier. You’re completely over everything feeling hard.

Let’s walk together


During Lead With Ease,

I’ll walk with you to …


  • Understand what makes you unique as a leader. Knowing what makes you tick makes leading so much easier.
  • Feel confident about leading your team. And to stop accidentally ‘mothering’ them.
  • Know what to say and do so that you can support your team to perform.
  • Learn how to deal with conflict when it inevitably comes up.
  • Develop the leadership skills that mean you don’t have to be the one doing all of the work.
  • Build a career – and a life – that leaves you feeling happy and excited every day. Because, here’s the thing…every day doesn’t have to feel so incredibly hard.

Connection Matters

What makes me the right mentor for you?

Transformation Specialist

Big shifts. Little upgrades. Taking things and changing them into something better. And although I didn’t know what to call it then, my interest in transformation started when I was a kid. I was forever trying to improve things – although I’m not sure that my younger sister or the cat always appreciated my efforts.


Self-belief builder
I know what drives self-doubt. I’ve studied the big seven psychological risks theoretically and practically (ie. in myself, my colleagues and my clients). I know the protective behaviours we use to protect ourselves from these risks. And I’ve also got the tools to help us turn our backs on doubt and to build our self-belief.
Conscientious nurturer
It’s an uncommon trait in the corporate world. But I’ve always believed that corporations are just groups of people (aka staff)  building things for other people (aka customers or colleagues). And if you want to be successful in that space then a caring, conscientious and nurturing nature is a good thing.
Work in corporate and build a coaching practice


  • Three months dedicated to growing your essential leadership skills. Together we’ll dive deep into six key leadership capabilities. You’ll have the opportunity to receive tailored coaching on:
  1. Developing your own leadership style
  2. Dancing with self-doubt
  3. Building your boundaries
  4. Getting comfortable with conflict
  5. Leveraging your team for success
  6. Setting your success criteria
  • Twice monthly coaching calls where we’ll share progress and challenges, ask questions, find answers and have meaningful leadership related conversations that matter.
  • Access to the tools and resources I share with my one-on-one private clients.
  • Community, and the opportunity to feel safe as you grow as a leader. We all receive group coaching in our workplaces. And we all hold ourselves back in those sessions because we worry whatever we share will be held against us. In Lead With Ease you’ll get to learn from and work with other female leaders without feeling like you have to withhold anything.
  • Access to me via Voxer for the 3 months of the program. It’s like having a coach in your pocket, all day, every day.


A new level of confidence…

Coaching with Janelle has completely changed my life.  Before I started coaching, I was stuck in an unfulfilling job and only had time for work and running my household.  I wasn’t enjoying much in my life.

During each session, I learnt more about myself and the stories and beliefs that were holding me back.  I developed a clear vision of what I wanted my life to look like.  Janelle made it easy from the first session and supported me throughout my journey in her genuine and caring way.  

Working with Janelle has made me a much better version of myself.  I am now intentional about my career, my relationships, and what I want out of life. I find making decisions easier and have a new level of confidence that I didn’t think was possible.  I’m looking forward to my future! 

Emma S - Victoria



Frequently asked questions


  • When does the next round of Lead WIth Ease start?
    • The next round of Lead With Ease will commence in August 2023. Exact call dates TBC.
  • What time are Lead With Ease calls held?
    • Calls are held during the day – at lunch break friendly times so we can incorporate growth into our work days. And keep our home time for the people we love the best.
  • How many people are in each group?
    • I only take a maximum of four clients into each group. I want you to get the space you need to be coached by me and the benefits of connecting with others. There’ll never be more than five of us on the call.
  • Is there a payment plan for Lead With Ease?
    • There sure is! Full details will be shared when the doors open for the next round of Lead With Ease.
  • Got a different question?





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