Have you ever felt you are destined for bigger things but you hold yourself back?


Don’t let confidence and visibility issues stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


Step into the role – and life – you were meant for today!


I’m Janelle, a confidence and style coach with almost 30 years experience in a corporate environment.

And I truly believe that every woman is meant for more than mediocrity.

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Four signs you’re feeling stuck rather than safe

Four signs you’re feeling stuck rather than safe

I know I talk a lot here in my journal and on the podcast about how our self-doubt makes perfect sense when you think of it in terms of staying safe. In fact, episode eight was all about the myth that self-doubt is a bad thing. The truth is, our self-doubt is usually...

Watch your language

Watch your language

In my last journal entry, I wrote about the fact that we women are sophisticated meaning-makers. It also turns out that we’re fairly adept at using our language skills to tell ourselves stories. I was reminded of this last week when I met with a wonderful coaching...

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