Have you ever felt you are destined for bigger things but you hold yourself back?


Don’t let confidence and visibility issues stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


Step into the role – and life – you were meant for today!


I’m Janelle, a confidence and style coach with almost 30 years experience in a corporate environment.

And I truly believe that every woman is meant for more than mediocrity.

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My Top Tips For Looking Better In Photos

Women’s visibility issues can show up in so many ways. If you’re looking to witness one of the more obvious examples, grab a camera and start snapping away in a corporate environment. Corporate women tell me time and time again they hate getting their photo taken. But I promise you can learn how to look better in photos.

12 tips to help you speak in public

Visibility issues show up all over the place. And no more so than when women are offered a chance to speak in public. But if you’ve got a message to share, these tips will help you say yes the next time you have a public speaking opportunity.

Making and breaking the rules

Whether we realise it or not, we all have rules in our heads. If you are strategic, the rules you hold yourself accountable to can support you in living your best life. Sometimes though, our rules are anything but supportive. Is it time for you to break some old rules and make some new ones?

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