It almost always breaks my heart when I ask women the question ‘How do you take care of yourself?’ and they answer with words like ‘Not very well’ or ‘I don’t’ or ‘I’ve let myself go’.

We can’t fill from an empty cup and if we want to show up fully to our careers, relationships, kids, extended families and hobbies, it pays to make sure that we are putting some time into our own well-being. So over on the podcast recently, I spent some time sharing some simple ways for you to start to take care of yourself. None of the things I share have to be extravagant, expensive or difficult but they are likely to bring a smile to your face and in my mind that’s a fabulous start. 

Listen to the episode here, or on your favourite podcast player.

12 quick ways to take care of yourself

I know not everyone wants to listen in to Self.Styled.Life so for my readers and for everyone in a hurry, here are the top 12 tips I shared.

  1. Adding a gorgeously scented body-wash or soap to your daily shower routine.
  2. Choose fabrics that are soft and gentle on your skin.
  3. While you’re about it, choose outfits that make you feel good as you go about your day.
  4. Light a candle and enjoy both the flicker and the scent.
  5. Exercise in a way that feels uplifting and caring for your.
  6. Nourish your body.
  7. Buy yourself a bunch of beautiful flowers.
  8. Get a massage. 
  9. Stop and breathe for a moment or two every day.
  10. Try tapping (you can find my guide in the resource room).
  11. Spritz yourself with your favourite scent.
  12. And finally – get some decent sleep.

I know that some coaches suggest that self-care goes way beyond some of the concepts that I’ve shared here and on the podcast. And on one hand I agree with that. There are definitely deeper practices you can take if you’re called to and I know you’ll get benefit if you head down that path. But I also know that if you’ve been doing nothing at all to take care of yourself, then introducing the most basic of basics is an excellent place to start. At the end of the day, the intention of self-care is to make yourself feel cared for and ultimately better than before you took action. And like everything else, I believe results come from baby-steps, taken over and over again. Please don’t underestimate the difference even the seemingly smallest acts of self-care can take.

Do you have any strategies that you use to take care of yourself? I’d love for you to share your thoughts with all of us in the comments section below.

II’ll be back soon with more tips and tools for you to live your Self.Styled.Life. But in the meantime, stay fabulous xx

Image credit: Haute Stock

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