There are many words you could use to describe 2020. So. Many. Words.

If forced to choose only one though, my choice might surprise you. Because more than anything, I think 2020 was enlightening.

For so many of us, the happenings of 2020 forced us to focus in on what’s truly important in our lives. The ‘absolute musts’ for a life well-lived, versus the ‘nice to haves’.

And the upshot of all this enlightenment seems to playing out in one of two ways.

One: Big life changes

The first – and most positive of these – is big life changes. Each day, I’m seeing women casting aside the stories that have held them back from chasing their dreams. And as a result, I’m witnessing the reshaping of careers and relationships. The downsizing of homes. And sea or tree changes are happening all over the place.

I was recently chatting with a woman who realised during Covid that she’d fallen out of love with her career in higher education. She was feeling as if she was being taken for granted. And she didn’t like how she was feeling about her role, her boss or her co-workers. So she did her homework, handed in her notice and joyfully accepted a new role in retail sales.

The sparkle and energy she’s bringing to her new career is uplifting for anyone who is lucky enough to be around her. You can just tell she’s a woman who is comfortable with herself and her life changing decision. And the vibe she’s sending out is inspiring. But that’s what happens when you prioritise what is right for you ahead of all your fears. Following your path allows you to shine and it inspires others to do the same.

Now this particular woman doesn’t have any special superpowers that I’m aware of. I know she had all the normal concerns about things like financial security before she took the plunge. But she took action any way. Why? Because she’d reached the point where she knew deep down that it was better to leap than to remain stuck.

Two: Feeling stuck

Then there’s the second way our 2020 enlightenment has manifested itself. In feeling stuck.

While many of us are taking massive action and making big life changes, there are more than a few who are feeling paralysed. They have clarity on what they’d like things to look like. But their fears and limiting beliefs are keeping them locked in a space that no longer sets their heart on fire.

If this sounds like you, take heart in knowing that getting ‘unstuck’ is easier than you think. Here are some tips that might help.

Your past doesn’t dictate your future

Many women use the fact that they’ve made mistakes in the past to stop them from taking action right now. The things that have happened have eroded their trust in themselves. But past mistakes don’t automatically mean you’ll make future mistakes. In fact, there’s a huge chance the learnings you’ve taken from previous errors will support your future success. Reframe your mistakes as ‘Increased Wisdom’ and let them support you tor reach your goals.

Pragmatic dreaming is a good idea when you’re feeling stuck

Kylie Flavell, an Australian woman who moved to Italy, describes herself as a pragmatic dreamer. She goes on to define that as someone who needs a clear plan to support a dream. From my perspective, this is great advice for anyone feeling stuck. No one gets anywhere without a dream or vision. And having a plan helps you take those baby steps that bring big dreams into reality. So let yourself dream and plan at the same time and get the benefits of both.

Remember that the environment will never be perfect

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to follow your dream or make your big life change, then you’ll likely be waiting a long time. There’s a whole lot of truth in the old adage about the best time to plant trees. Take action in the now and know that life is always unfolding in front of us. And try not to let Covid slow you down. Even before the pandemic changed everything, success was never guaranteed. Build and enact your plan, making adjustments as required.

I’d love to know – how is this playing out for you? Are you making big life changes? Or are you feeling stuck? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And until next time – stay fabulous.

Warmest, Janelle xx

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