In episode four of Self.Styled.Life we’re rounding out the third pillar in my signature framework for self-styling a life that’s fulfilled and fabulous. In previous episodes we’ve looked at clarity and mindset, which means that now, we’re ready to talk all things action. And it’s super important. You can have clarity on where you want to go, and a super strong, supportive mindset but if you don’t actually do something, take some action, you’re not going to get very far.
But action is also the pillar that’s mostly likely to trigger your protective self-doubt and it’s related behaviours like procrastination and perfectionism. These behaviours show up when we’re trying to protect ourselves from the the seven big psychological risks – failure, disappointment, rejection, judgement, conflict, complexity and success. 
One relatively painless way of taking action that lessens the likelihood of protective self-doubt is running experiments. Experiments are a really cool way to take action because they allow you to combine your activity with a curious mindset and test to see what happens, just like a scientist might. 
In this episode, I share my tips for running experiments. And I dig into why baby-steps – another safe way to take action – work so well. We’ll also be expanding on why motivation, knowledge and change are beneficial for a self styled life.

You will learn:

  1. Five things you must know about taking action
  2. How to take little steps that lead to massive results 
  3. Three benefits that come from action – motivation, knowledge and change

Listen to the episode here, or on your favourite podcast player.

And until next time – stay fabulous xx

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