If you’re a regular here, you’ll know that we have the framework of clarity, mindset and action. Over the long term combining these elements supports our self-belief. If that feels new to you, or you’d like a refresher, make sure you head back to the very first episode of the self-styled life podcast to learn more.

Anyhow, I’ve seen the framework work its magic for women time and time again. If you can get clear on what you want, curate your thinking and take some baby steps or run some experiments, you will see an uplift in your self-belief. And most likely your self-worth and self-trust too. And if you can do those things over and over again, you’ll get what I call the compound belief effect. You’ll have so much evidence that you can safely do the things you want to do that there’s a chance you’ll start to feel unstoppable. 

However, while the framework delivers consistent results, I can’t tell you that the framework is one size fits all. In fact, it’s anything but. And from my perspective, that’s a good thing. The whole point of the thinking behind the self-styled life concept is to ensure that women have the tools to build a life that feels right for them. 

The trouble is though, society has made it so that women don’t always know what feels right for them. Too often when I ask my clients what they might want in their life or what might feel like fun for them, the answer is ‘I don’t know’.

And it makes sense right?

From the earliest ages, we’re taught to follow the ‘good girl’ path. Be quiet, be good, work hard all through school. Get good grades, go to college or university, get more good grades. Get a job, get a better job, work hard, find a partner, buy a home or vice versa, have a baby or two. Combine motherhood and your career, and then wake up one day in the middle of juggling it all wondering how on earth you got here. But not being entirely sure what you’d like to replace it all with. We’re not taught to identify or refine our own desires, so we tend to float along hoping that someone or something will show us what we should be doing next.

Which leads us to principles

Because of all of this, I want to share some of my principles for self-styled living to give you some guard rails for styling your own life. The inspo to share principles came from my current boss. He recommends we all return to a few key principles whenever our work in the transformation program starts to feel hard, overwhelming or confusing. And I think the idea of principles will support you too, especially if you’re feeling stuck.

So today, I’m going to share five key principles that are fundamental for creating a self-styled life, and they are:

  1. You can’t do it wrong
  2. You have permission to change your mind
  3. Honour your boundaries. 
  4. Follow breadcrumbs.
  5. Trust yourself. 

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My big wish is that these principles support you in self-styling your life.

I’ll be back soon with another episode of Self.Styled.Life. But until then, stay fabulous xx

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