In this episode I’m answering a listener request, which was – how do you speak to an audience authentically? 

For full transparency, I need to share that answering this question feels like such a full circle moment for me. I mean, the fact that someone is asking me for tips on speaking in public or presenting makes me shake my head. For such a long time I dreaded speaking up in meetings, let alone presenting to an audience. I know I was not alone in this when it comes to speaking authentically – in fact, back in the day, I was squashed into the ‘I hate speaking’ box with just about everyone I know except one one of my closest friends and two of my favourite coaches, who are all very comfortable taking the mic or presenting to a crowd. 

These days, I’m actually proud to say I’ve shifted from where I was to where they were, and of course, still are. 

So in today’s coaching episode of the Self.Styled.Life podcast I want to share tips on both elements of my listener’s question. How do you speak and/or present authentically? 

 In this episode, you’ll learn:
🎧 Why practising is your number one strategy when it comes to building skills
🎙️ How to let go of fear
🎧 My key tips when it comes to speaking authentically 

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I really hope this episode supports you to find your voice xx

I’ll be back soon with another episode of Self.Styled.Life. But until then, stay fabulous xx

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