As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve not had a great week.

Thankfully, these sort of weeks don’t come up for me too often.  I might have an off day here or there. But I rarely string together a bad week.

However, things have refused to flow for me during the past seven days. 

There was a fair bit happening – none of it particularly difficult, dramatic or dreadful in the overall scheme of things – but there was just enough going on to have a cumulative effect.

I had a very big work project stall, and that meant I worked some very long days. (It also meant there was no time for creativity which always leaves me out of sorts.) There were a number of personal commitments on my radar – none of which I felt well prepared for. And the Melbourne weather insisted on fluctuating between high heat and high humidity – which wasn’t particularly helpful for sleeping.

I’m sure we all have this sort of week every now and then. And when they come up it can be easy to let things slide. On the self-care and confidence front. On the house-keeping front. And especially on the style front.

But, in all honesty, these are the weeks when we need to pay attention to how we put ourselves together. The ‘look better to feel better’ philosophy has been around for a long time now. And it is a concept that I absolutely subscribe to. I’ve seen time and time again the impact that feeling stylish can have on women’s attitudes, confidence and life choices.

That said, I’m also a realist. Keeping things chic and stylish can be challenge for some of us at the best of times, let alone when things simply aren’t going to plan. For days and weeks like these we need help in the form of plans and tips so we can look our best even if aren’t quite feeling that way.

So, in recognition of my own ‘less than stellar’ week, I thought I would share my favourite style strategies for bad days or weeks.

Style Strategies For Bad Days (Or Weeks)

Be Prepared

You never know when a bad day might strike. So it pays to be prepared. Pull together a list of go-to outfits ready for the times when style is actually the last thing on your mind. Outfits that help you feel pulled together and unstoppable. Tape photos of these comfortable, stylish outfits to the inside of your wardrobe, or keep a file on your iPad or laptop. Then all you need to do is ‘follow the instructions’ and walk out the door knowing that if nothing else is working for you, your outfit is.

Keep Things Simple And Comfortable

Bad days can be made worse by fussiness and discomfort. Collars that don’t sit right. Waist bands that are too tight. Straps that slip off your shoulders. And let’s not even consider shoes that make your feet hurt – no matter how sexy or cute they may be. When things aren’t quite as fabulous as you’d prefer make sure you stick to outfits that are fuss-free and comfortable.

Turn To Black

When you are in the middle of a bad week, don’t be afraid to resort to black. Renowned for being universally chic, it can be a thought-free way to look pulled together. There’s a reason that women who work in fashion circles consider it a uniform. The only thing I suggest you consider is whether black makes you look a little pale or drawn. If this is the case, consider adding a scarf or necklace in a colour that suits you to your outfit. A little pop of colour near your face can make all the difference to how you look (and feel).

Wear Your Favourites

Whether we admit it or not, we all have favourites. Favourite people. Favourite foods. And favourite clothes. When things aren’t going too well, it can be a perfect excuse to wear one of your favourites. Even if there is very little making you smile, feeling the drape of your favourite dress or catching a glimpse of your favourite shoes might bring a sparkle to your eyes.

Don’t Forget The Lipstick

When you are working hard to just stay upright, it can be easy to overlook the little details. But taking two seconds to spritz on an uplifting scent, or dab on some lipstick can make a big difference to your mood. As with clothing, it helps to know in advance what works for you. A ‘not so great week’ generally isn’t the time to be mucking around with new make-up shades. Stick to the classics that suit you.

What style strategies for bad days or weeks do you employ? Do you have any special go-to tips? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.



Photo Credit: Haute Stock

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